Terms of service

Last updated: September 2019

There are no "strict" rules around how this platform should be used. If you feel that there should be then create a post and discuss amongst yourselves. We'll be keeping an eye on the platform to see how it grows and evolves but for the time being we ask that you not post the following kinds of items:

  • Firearms
  • Sexual services or favors –– We're all up for supporting legitimate business including sex workers but the nature is we do have to comply as much as possible with laws and regulations in your country, state or province.
  • Drugs (unless legal in your and the other party's country, province or state)
  • Alcohol –– especially not to minors
  • Pornography or pornographic materials
  • Anything which may cause harm to fellow users

Inevitably there will be trolls, and while we'll try to do our best to keep things in order and running smooth we ask that you report posts or users with malicious intent which shouldn't be here via hello@lake.finance

That's it! There's no other fine print.